Adam Neal


Adam Neal is a former graduate from Oakland University and now works for a news organization in Florida called TCPalm.

He had interned there before getting a job, but the area was still relatively new to him, and I asked him how he adjusted to the new environment.

“News is news,” he said to me.  It was a good take-away from the whole time we talked because it’s absolutely true.

This is what you want to hear out of an individual in journalism, and is what I expected from Mr. Neal.  He took advantages of the opportunities to work in journalism, and to a degree, thriving in it.

There will always be news to write, and you don’t really have to search for it, you just have to be aware of when it presents itself.

He spoke about other things  like how he got his job at TCPalm, or how never to say no, but both those things are something unique to himself or already known by me.

Its not to say I didn’t already know that ‘news is news’, but I guess some people can lose sight of what is important to report.

I only spoke with Neal for a short while, but it was a pleasure and maybe we’ll cross paths in the future.  For the time being I will try not to lose sight of the news.


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