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Photography at its worst

The Gratiot Central Market is a building in Detroit’s Eastern Market.

In the first slide you can see the buildings lay out in a framed thirds styled shot. Notice the pillar steal the show in its third and provide framing. This may be the best example I have to offer so you might want to replay it again and just watch the first slide and stop.

Slide two is a picture of the counter I work at. This photo displays lines, and Ce-Ce Johnson, maybe the most inept worker on the planet, it would be a pleasure to never meet her. The lines in the counter are on a diagonal and seem like they travel longer than one would expect. When taking photos of lines, it is important to dramatize this effect.

Third slide should display thirds because it’s the third slide, but instead it’s an example of framing. It is only a third of the way focused as it should be, but I took these photos on the fly so excuse me. Thanks to Tony Loduca for allowing the framing. Using the world around, objects and people can be highlighted by other objects and people surrounding the focal point of the picture.

The fourth picture is an simple action shot close up. The hose in the background is disgusting (I cleaned it later that day), but with the exception of that I think its mostly uncluttered. There are also lines if you look at the table too. Again this photo would be simpler if it didn’t have the hose in the background, but it’s the one I could use.

When she’s not to busy smoking cigarettes or playing her lottery, Roshunda General can display a fair amount of balance. I think this is an example of balance, let’s hope for her sake. It seems proportion is in affect here which helps create the balance.


Kristin Bull for Crain’s Detroit Business

Kristin Bull is a web-editor at Crain’s Dertroit Business magazine and website, and she spoke about how it’s important for journalists to be multi-faceted.

In today’s world, the field of Journalism is growing beyond solo-artists.  When saying this I mean you have to be able to work a camera, write a story and put it online all by your lonesome.  To add on to that, you have to be able to use html, indesign (or programs like it) and edit video.  She made it feel as if this list is constantly growing, and it is.

So you can’t be just a photographer or just a writer anymore unless you’re the best possible writer or photographer in your given environment.  Whether it be graduating class, office, or field, if you’re not the best at one thing you better start honing other skills.

Kristin worked at Patch for the Rochester area for before getting laid off as a part of the mass-execution of the Patch site.

She went on to discuss how hyper-local news industries like Patch aren’t exactly successful models, and hinted at maybe having a little foresight to the imminent outcome she experienced.

Maybe its because the world hasn’t completely abandoned print as to why she maintains at the company in Detroit.  Their print edition is their biggest money producer, and their online site has a pay-wall setup to generate money, and although not as the most popular method has still proven beneficial to the company.

Right now the company is seeking employment, although it is not listed as this title she explained how they need a “tech-guru” who can also write.

I get it. Why pay somebody 30 thousand to write and somebody else 50 thousand for tech, when you can pay one person 60 or 65 thousand to do both.

This is what businesses care about and the more keen us job-seekers are when looking for it the more we can meet the expectations of are potential employers.